Friday, May 29, 2009

Anyone in the Southern California San Diego area come and see me at Nordstrom Fashion Valley tomorrow (saturday May 30th) from 8-12 and get an assessment of your nails and prescription for healthy beautiful nails -- summer is here and I will be talking color and will tell you how to get rid of those unsightly-- not to mention NOT SEXY -- cracks on the back of your heels! Just need some Get OFF and Soul Mission.
I am wearing Call Me Irresponsible on my toes right now.... are you?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

so who said working in fashion and with celebrities isnt glamorous?
It is nearly 3 am and I am on a shoot with the great Mariah Carey whom I love and adore. She is a night owl and is so creative!
We have been on a shoot since 1 pm and being the nail diva that she is we are doing lots of nail color changes. We started the day with her wearing her personal favorite lippmann shade-- FASHION. The second shot we went with Believe ( a soft silvered gold combo). We did a retro look and she wore Stop and Stare and it has been a long time since I have put a red on MC. We are doing the last shot now and she is wearing a color that wont be out until Fall 09.... Wicked Game a sort of mood ring thing that I am bringing back from my VINYL line. Look for it soon. All the other shades are available NOW!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial day weekend has had a very special meaning to me because Jude and I were married on Memorial Day 11 years ago.
This year I want to remember my special friend Wayman Tisdale who bravely battled cancer with his incredible heart and spirit and could fill an arena. I first met Wayman when he played basketball for the Phoenix Suns... he became a client and his feet literally didnt fit in my portable pedicure tub. We would laugh every time! We then connected on the music level and I a was very proud of him as he grew an amazing career as a musician, post basketball.
I have lost a valuable friend and this memorial day I want us all to remember Wayman.

peace and love to you all


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Models as Muse

There was a segment on Anna Wintour on 60 minutes the other night and there were alot of photos of the MET ball. That is one of the fashion events of the season in NY where the new Costume Institute exhibit is unveiled at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
It is the who's who in fashion and this year was hosted by Marc Jacobs accompanied by Kate Moss.
I ran around NYC all day getting gals ready for the gala.
Best Actress Academy Award winner Marion Cottilard wore Dior on her body and Baby Love on her nails and toes.

Gossip Girl Blake Lively wore Versace on her body and Fashion on her nails and toes.

marc's muse Selma Blair wore Marc Jacobs on her body and Fade to Black on her nails and toes.
What do they all have in common? Matching colors on fingers and toes is IN IN IN!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I just arrived back in NY after a very successful event in Nordstrom Paramus NJ. I was meeting with back to back customers giving prescriptions for beautiful hands and feet and I looked up to see 3 of my very closest friends who had made the trek out to NJ unbeknownst to moi! It brought such a smile to my face!
thank you to everyone at Nordstrom for making this season of my NORDSTROM WORLD TOUR easier and more fun than every.
NExt stop Fashion Valley Nordstrom on May 30th. I will be in the store from 8 am to noon. See you THERE!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

mornin sunshines!
as many of you know magazines usually work about 3 months out... so I have been busy painting nails for photo shoots in the Fall books. Glitter and glam is the best way to describe nail looks for next fall and I have been working with some of our young Hollywood and music celebs. Nail color is the new accessory dont you know!
As we are about to launch into full on summertime-- now is the time to pay attention to your GROOMING.
You may ask yourself
Am I applying my cuticle remover and pushing my cuticles once a week? And hydrating them daily with cuticle oil with jojoba and vitamin E?
Am I applying Rich Girl hand and cuticle cream with SPF 25 every time I wash my hands and ALWAYS before I walk out the door into the sunshine?
Am I always wearing both base coat and top coat?
these are a few good tips to keep your nails in tip top shape.
Remember nail color is IN IN IN-- I am going to get a pedicure today and cant wait to wear Call Me Irresponsible.

for any of you in the tri-state area of NY I will be at the Pyramus NJ Nordstrom Trend show this Saturday am from 8:00 am til noon.
Come and learn about nail care!