Thursday, March 31, 2011

spring has sprung?

Well I cant say that spring has really sprung in NYC. I hope that you are luckier than we are.  I got this great picture from my friend Dylan Driessen and she really has the right idea. She is making her own spring by painting every nail a different hue. I just love it when you guys get creative. There are times that our nail color should be serious and there are times that we should have a fun happy accessory, right?
Put your own spring in your step!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

I have been in Bologna Italy for the last 4 days visiting one of the largest beauty shows of the year. I walked and walked and have seen many interesting and adventurous nails. I have been inspired, kept up with my workouts and I am proud to say I have even been eating pretty well while I have been here. I did partake in some amazing pasta and allowed myself to enjoy every bite- but I had plenty of greens too. I am leaving for the airport soon and have been up all night thinking about all the things I have seen and learned hanging with great creative minds like Ian Ginsberg from one of my favorite places to shop C.O. Bigelow (I always have one of his lip balms in my bag) and Maureen Kelly from Tarte as well as manufacturers and packaging designers. So many things to create! I cant wait to begin.