Monday, June 22, 2009

travel travel travel

I spent the weekend in Southern California doing my final west coast personal appearance for the season. I was able to bring my neice on stage to strut her stuff demonstrating my favorite exfoliating slipper- footloose and her toes painted in Dark Side of the Moon. Helen, Linda and Linda handled the customer requests while Jude and I met one on one with customer after customer answering the most pressing nail questions. hope do I file my nails properly? Can I use all four fabrics on the Smooth Operator to smooth and shine my nails? show me how to use the cuticle remover to push back my cuticle and remove the dead skin on the nail plate. what is the best way to really hydrate my nails? *cutucle oil and rich girl hand and cuticle cream. we talked about using hydrating base coat with aloe to get moisture into these dry peeling nails. We also discussed getting your nails back to beautiful after wearing acrylics or nail wraps of gels. You must use one coat of my hard rock hydrating nail hardener and your nails will bounce back beautifully.
special thank you to all the beauty directors for taking such great care of lippmann collection this season. see you in the fall!

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