Thursday, July 2, 2009

it has been Mariah Carey mania in my life this week... in a good way. I spent 2 days with her shooting a Macy's commercial for her fragrances. The commercial is starring MC, Martha Stewart ( also a FAVORITE client of mine) Donald Trump, Jessica Simpson, Queen Latifah and Usher. Star studded. I was with MC when we got the news about the death of Michael Jackson. I will never forget that sad sad moment...I think we will all remember where we were when we heard that news.
The next couple days we spent at the Plaza Hotel in NYC city shooting her new video OBSEESED. The single will be available to download soon and I will be getting it as soon as its available. Its an addictive tune! You may have heard by now that MC portrays both herself and her OBSESSED fan in the video. She is the girliest girl I have ever known so it was quite a feat to turn her into the boy character. Lots of fun. And really fun to turn her back into the beauty she is. She wore Superstar and Before He Cheats on her nails. We totally took her length down for the male character. Kristofer Buckle created the amazing make-up (and achieved it in no time at all!) and Roque did the hair looks. We have worked as a team with Mariah for many years off and on. It was great to be back together again!

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