Wednesday, September 9, 2009


ok I need to be clear about a couple of my new FASHION FORWARD colors--
FUNKY CHUNKY AND MARQUEE MOON are both meant to be worn in a NEW way.
both have 'sequins' as I like to call them and are meant not to look uniform on the nail.
Marquee Moon was created for the genius designers RODARTE's fall fashion collection and worn on the runway. Each nail is supposed to look different. You might get one 'sequin' on one nail and 10 'sequins' on the next nail. That is the way it is supposed to come out of the bottle so dont TRY to make the 'sequins'' come out and look the same on each nail.
Deconstructed is the look on both of these shades.
The way I love FUNKY CHUNKY is meant to be SHEER black with a 'sequin' here or there, and should look different from nail to nail. It comes in my new CELEBRATE set that I created for my 10th anniversary and when you get the box home the top of the box is what the color FUNKY CHUNKY looks like--- little known secret revealed!

As for the seasons run away hit RUBY RED SLIPPERS-- (also available in the new CELEBRATE set in stores)
it is a sheer black base with RUBY glitter and I didn't design it to be worn as solid glitter... just speckles here and there. So just apply it properly and let it be!

THE shades in CELEBRATE are amazing with the newest Christian Louboutin peep toes. Fashionistas beware!

For all three of these shades try to put away your OLD ideas of how polish should look.
Its a new season and a new way to wear nail color!

for those of you who love tried and true-- apply 3 coats of any of these (making sure to let each coat dry 1 minute before starting the next) to get a solid more traditional look.

nail polish is the new accessory-- let go and try something new!
I hope this will bring you new freedom and JOY!

I have been wearing RUBY RED SLIPPERS on my toes for the last couple weeks-- I am OBSESSED with it!

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