Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We were in Seattle for the NOrdstrom trend show where more than 500 women came to learn about cosmetic trends for the upcoming season. I was lucky to have Rachelle Adams ( my number 1 manicurist doing manicure/pedicure daily in the spa with my technique and products) to walk the runway sporting SUPERSTAR (from my new CELEBRATE) on her nails and toes. My husband Jude is on the far side of the stage wearing FOOTLOOSE exfoliating slippers-- he took a turn walking the runway himself. The women went wild!
My new favorite customer is not afraid to wear Funky Chunky (textured black with sequins-- not meant to be shiny sparkly but TEXTURED on the nail- its a NEW look in nail polish) but initially thought that Ruby Red Slippers (sheer black with red glitter in a very adult fashion) was too strong a look.
I hope I changed her mind! Look how adorable she is!

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