Monday, January 26, 2009

Award Season In Full Swing

Kate Winslet wins again wearing Prelude to a Kiss on her fingertips and toes at the SAG Awards

With award season underway I’m definitely building up those frequent flier miles between New York and LA and staying very busy! This past Thursday and Friday I was on set all day doing manicures for an advertising campaign photo shoot. (You probably see my work in many of your favorite magazines without even realizing it! Being an editorial manicurist, I get to work on all types of photo shoots.) After I finished up Friday evening, I headed home to pack my bags since I was flying to LA early the next morning.

I took the very first flight out Saturday morning—so 4 am wake up call—mornings are not my strong suit! When I arrived in Los Angeles I went to my secret hiding place where I keep a full kit of supplies waiting for me. I then scooted over to Coffee Bean (love the snail ice!) and met a girlfriend who agreed to drive with me to meet my client who was hours away in a casita.

I arrived at Kate’s venue to find a roaring fire, a couple of girls, champagne for a toast, and a yummy lunch. I started soaking, filing and buffing amidst amazing girl talk. It’s always so exciting to see the gown (in this case a radiant midnight blue Narciso Rodriguez gem that fit to a T) and then go to town choosing the right nail color for hands and feet. Kate decided on a sheer, misty pink with some opacity called Prelude to a Kiss—the very first pink I designed for Lippmann Collection back in 1999 (can you believe we are approaching our 10 year anniversary!?). It gives you a sheer clean feeling, yet subtle pink statement all at the same time.

After I finished working, I rushed to the airport to get on the next available flight home, and start my week all over again!

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