Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Award Winning Nails at the Golden Globes

deborah lippmann polished Kate Winslet in RHAPSODY IN WHITE for the Golden Globes
deborah lippmann polished Mary-Louise Parker in FASHION for the Golden Globes

This past weekend I headed out to LA for the Golden Globes. On Sunday, I started the day early by getting my kit cleaned and prepared with every possible thing I might need--lots and lots of nail treatments, nail tips in case of breaks, glue, scrubs (must exfoliate those hands and feet), moisturizing treatments, Footloose (cozy exfoliating slippers by Lippmann Collection), and color color and more color!
My first stop was with the amazing Kate Winslet. We looked at the gown and talked about options for her hand and foot color. Should we go old Hollywood glamour with a red nail? Should it be clear red or dark red? When we looked at the YSL gown our eyes immediately went to the beautiful crystal detail at the waist--that's when it hit red at all.... let's make it modern, fresh and unexpected with Rhapsody In White, my Go-Go-Girl white frost. (Not gray or silver, but WHITE!) When she walked the dress flowed, and Kate's white toes snuck in and out of the gown...very sexy and new!
After hugs and kisses I jumped in the car with my husband, Jude (who was generous enough to be my chauffeur for the day), and we flew across town to another (undisclosed) fabulous hotel so that I could work with Mary Louise Parker, the star of Weeds (I am OBSESSED with this show, by the way!). She was standing in her gown for a fitting so I dipped into my bag and came up with several color options--first we toyed with Good Girl Gone Bad (bad-to-the-bone purple) from the Party Like a Rock Star, limited edition set (do you have yours already?). Then we played with the possibility of Dark Side of the Moon, an absolute aubergine creme, before finally settling on the most chic selection--Fashion, a not-so-typical creme taupe. I applied 2 coats on her toes and one on her hands (if you have pink undertones you might prefer one coat on the hands!) She looked AMAZING!
From there, I jumped back into the car and went to my hotel to shower and shave with a new secret product--to be revealed on next month!! (can you guess what it might be???) I did my own hair and makeup and jumped back in the car to go to the fabulous HBO party to star gaze myself.
The golden globes are aired at 8 pm, which means that you are at the party before they even start in Los Angeles, so I was getting text updates from friends as the show aired in NY. I knew early on that my Kate had won Best Supporting Actress. As we were driving to the party the text came in that Kate had just won Best Actress--I literally SHRIEKED with joy-- my poor husband almost crashed the car! I get very personally invested in my girls!
We went on to the party--Jude looking hot in his tux, and partied like rock stars til the wee hours of the morning!
A great time was had by all!

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