Friday, April 3, 2009

inez and vinoodh honored by the Blue School

I work on many photo shoots both editorial and advertising with the incredibly genius photographers Inez Van Lamsveerde and Vinoodh Matadin.  This seasons Gucci, YSL, Balmain, Roberto Cavalli and Dior to name a few that are in magazines now.  When you work day in and day out on a photographic team you become an extended family. Inez and Vinoodh were honored Thursday night at the Blue School Gala and they invited me to join them at the soiree. The team who created the show Blue Ma Group founded the Blue School and innovative creative concept in education.  Jon Stewart of the Daily Show was the hilarious host. He has 2 children that attend the school. There were several performers including Billy Crudup , the PC guy from the mac computer commercials, an all girl accordion playing orchestra and the Blue Men themselves!  Fun Fact- did you know that the creators of the Blue Man Group and Jon Stewart are all former cater waiters of Glorious Foods?  Everyone comes from somewhere so keep dreaming and work to fulfill those dreams. Now there's food for thought.  

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