Monday, April 13, 2009

What I Cannot Change

What I cannot change- leAnn rimes and darrell brown

Had a great week mosting in the lippman collection office working on product development. Part of the process is freeing and part of it is troubling…. Until it all comes together. It is a creative process mixed with straight up business… and sometimes the twain don’t meet!
I am reinventing a large set of products to contain my most requested items and it is a bit of a jigsaw puzzle making everything fit just so.
As of 5 pm on Friday night… I think I have it together. Now I take the weekend away from it and walk in with a fresh thought on Monday. Keep your fingers crossed!

I am also looking forward to seeing my best friend Darrell Brown accompany LeAnn Rimes on the Today Show tomorrow am with a song they co-wrote that is now a book. Things I cannot Change—that says a lot doesn’t it?

Its Easter Night and I just flew from NY to Chicago to meet the team at Barney Chicago Michigan Ave and train them on the Lippmann Collection products as we are now available in the Chicest store in Chicago. I am SO EXCITED!!

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